Pleasure & Pain [EP]

by Midnight Nightmare

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released July 27, 2016



all rights reserved


Midnight Nightmare Los Angeles, California

Midnight Nightmare is a Dark Electro Industrial Metal group known for their creativity in their performance and wide variety of musical influences.They bring the horrifying themes of their music to their live shows with full force, delivering high energy and aesthetically creative performances. ... more

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Track Name: Bereavement of Existence
A coward dies every second of his life
Anxiety fueled by everything in sight
I’ve never witnessed anything as arbitrary as existence
Everything that you’ve ever know will vanish in an instant
Existence, knowledge is a privilege
We are dying and killing our own children
But you’d rather be ignorant
Hoping someone else will fix it
You are not innocent and I hope you acknowledge this.

The flames will melt the flesh right off your bones
and erase everything that you’ve ever known.

You have your guns pointed at your own heads
but you’re too blind to see you’re already dead
Your mind is overwhelmed with debilitating fear
Crying on your knees will not keep you here
Thousands of corpses dropping in the mud
Bullet shells swimming through the flowing blood.
This is a massacre, your leaders call it justice
but you still confide and they’re still trusted.

I’ve never witnessed anything as arbitrary as existence
Everything that you’ve ever known will vanish in an instant.
Track Name: Consume
Consume, Obey, Sleep, Repeat.

Kneeling to your nine-to-five
They took control of your life
They’re just using you
They’re just using you
This life is a product of your laziness
You acknowledge the problem but you are not facing it
They’re just using you
They’re just using you

Kneeling to your government
They feed you lies as testament
They’re just using you
They’re just using you
Corporations pay for fear
Buying their products will not keep you here
They’re just using you
They’re just using you

Look at you, Look at you now!
Man, I fucking hate it.
Everything in your life has turned you fucking basic
You conformed, and I’m not going to ask you why
Are you living life or paying bills till you die?


You are not living, you are dying.

If you listen to the voices in your head
you might as well already be dead
They’re just using you
They’re just using you
Don’t be afraid to take a stand
No one really wants to hold your hand
They’re just using you
They’re just using you
Track Name: A Product of Wraith
You shouldn’t fear me
I am not real
You can not hurt me
because I do not feel
I’m fueled by blood
I’m a product of wraith
I’m filled with sin
I’m smothered in hate

If looks could kill, on the count of me
You should write your will.

I do not care about your putrid beliefs
Do not come forth
You vermin stink, like a bloated corpse
To intelligent to be unintelligent
You live your life in denial
You put value on useless bias
Your brain is a pile of bile.

Alpha, Omega. I’m ubiquitous here.
Filling everyone with perpetual fear.
I am fucking mental, I will run amok.
I do not care about you, I do not give a fuck.
Alpha, Omega, I’m ubiquitous here.
Filling everyone with habitual fear.
Don't you fucking play me. Don’t you fucking dare.
I will make you hate me. I’m a fucking Nightmare.
Track Name: Tie You Up
Shower me in all things that are spooky
Surround me with your horrific beauty
Live like an outlandish 80's movie
Dark and creepy, Keep it kooky.
I like it dirty, I like it a lot.
These disgusting things should keep you distraught
I will drink the blood right out of your thighs
Provide you with more Pleasure and Pain you’ll ever realize.

Horrid! Horrid! Keep it morbid!

Baby, your darkened aesthetic is gorgeous
Beautifully creepy, I just need more of it.
I want to tie you up!
I want to tie you up!

I long to defile and abuse you,
Let me tie you up and just use you
Do as I say and not as I do
I’ll only show you love, baby, when we’re through
Let me sink my teeth into your milk-pale flesh.
Pleasure and Pain is what I do best.
Give me control and you shall be blessed.
Rid all this stress through Angry Sex.

I just want to Tie You Up!
Track Name: End
You cannot love me, I’m darker than you think.
My mind is a quiet whisper, we will never be in sync
When you pull yourself together thinking you’re far from sin.
Remember that I am the scars that put a shine on your skin.

Once you think you’re alone, I’m standing right there.
Haunting you while you sleep, I’m a fucking Nightmare.

Are you scared yet? Are you finally seeing me?
Don’t pretend to be blind, I will not help you see.
You cry for a simple love, destroying your inner being.
I will manipulate you and every vision you’re seeing.

There is no escape, not from me.
You will never ever be free.
I’ll bring you back to my level.
I am your Hell, I am the Devil.